About Dreamland Confectionery

Dreamland Confectionery is a 3D puzzle exploration adventure where you work together with animal and human friends to explore and help out those in need, expel negative thoughts, and bring back color and life into the world.

The more inhabitants you awaken and bond with, the more your abilities and possibilities grow. Dive into the nostalgic, imaginative world of Oceanos. Experience a heartwarming story about mental health with a colorful cast of long-lost imaginary friends.

Stressed and overwhelmed with life, expectations, responsibilities? Do you enjoy casual exploration at your pace, interacting with imaginary creatures, and getting to know a cast of uniquely charming characters? Have you ever wished you could bake magical desserts and immerse yourself in a dreamy world of nostalgia? If any of these resonate with you, Dreamland Confectionery is the game for you! Dive into Oceanos and let your inner child take the helm.

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