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About Dreamland Confectionery

Dreamland Confectionery is a comforting, reactive, and visually rich narratively driven adventure game about baking, exploring, and reconnecting with a lost childhood dream. 

The more inhabitants you awaken and bond with, the more your abilities and possibilities grow. Dive into the nostalgic, imaginative world of Oceanos. Experience a heartwarming story about mental health with a colorful cast of long-lost imaginary friends.

Stressed and overwhelmed with life, expectations, responsibilities? Do you enjoy casual exploration at your pace, interacting with imaginary creatures, and getting to know a cast of uniquely charming characters? Have you ever wished you could bake magical desserts and immerse yourself in a dreamy world of nostalgia? If any of these resonate with you, Dreamland Confectionery is the game for you! Dive into Oceanos and let your inner child take the helm.