Press Kit

Developer: Wondersea Studio

Publisher: Spookulele Games

Early Access Release Date: Summer 2022

Platforms: PC, MAC





After unwittingly unleashing an evil force, Ami must bake mystical desserts for magical spirits and use their unique abilities to save the most precious place of her childhood.

Dreamland Confectionery is a single player action-adventure game where you bake desserts to bond with spirits and use their unique abilities to explore.

Key Features:

BUDDY UP WITH FRIENDLY SPIRTIS The world is filled to the brim with fantastical spirits waiting for you to become their friend and take them on adventures!

GATHER INGREDIENTS, BAKE MAGICAL DESERTS Find mystical ingredients by exploring the massive world and use your magical oven to bake desserts for all the cute creatures you come across!

EXPLORE USING MAGICAL ABILITIES Each spirit has their own unique ability that will help you overcome interesting obstacles that you find during your adventure!

DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF DREAMLAND Dreamland has a deep and epic story. Work with friends you make along the way, animal and human, to defeat the mysterious force and bring the magic back to Dreamland!